“Demure Defiance” is a bottle & tap release from our assistant brewer, Rachel! Come enjoy her first barrel-aged sour—a saison & dunkelweizen blend aged in Virginia rye whiskey & wine barrels that was then conditioned for several months on fresh blueberries.

“Character Builder” Brut IPA — an IPA for all you New Years Resolut-ers trying to cut back on sugar :) A special enzyme added converts all the beer starch to simple sugar, which is then fully consumed by the yeast. You can build your character by keeping your resolution, and still get your IPA fix!

“Feel Right” Rosé Brut IPA — We've seen a lot of Brut IPAs on the market, so we thought to ourselves, "why not make a Rosé version?" Feel Right is our Character Builder Brut IPA, but instead of the big dry hop we gave that beer we added tart cherry instead! The result is a delightfully fruity and pleasantly pink pint.