tall tales & rad brews

Each of our beers pays homage to the legends of Fort Monroe, although sometimes the lines between fact and fiction aren't quite so easily drawn. Consider us a new twist on history class. 

Featherless Guardian


Our first Trappist-style ale, Featherless Guardian was brewed with Belgian malt and fermented with a yeast strain straight out of the monastery. With high carbonation and low alcohol, the Belgian single, or "patersbier," was traditionally brewed by monks for their own consumption. This unfiltered offering retains tons of fruity and spice notes from the yeast, with a subtle floral hop aroma and a background of clean toasty malt that make it an easy drinking but flavorful pint.

Ordinary Courage


A classic American IPA, Ordinary Courage highlights the flavors old school hopheads first fell in love with. Built on a tried and true foundation of Simcoe, Centennial, and Cascade hops, this pint hits you with citrus and resiny hop flavors over deep golden crisp malt. A healthy addition of oats keeps the mouthfeel smooth while a big injection of Simcoe lupulin powder right before packaging turns the aroma up to 11. No frills, just good hoppy beer.

SPurious Calm


Belgian yeast meets chocolate bready malt in this new hybrid dark beer offering from your Oozlefinch brew team. Initial notes of Belgian truffles from a distinct specialty grain bill blend with plum and fig flavors from fermentation, while a modest hop bill keeps everything in balance. Light clove and warming alcohol notes emerge by the time you hit the end of the pint, but this beer is all about rich malt through to the end. Dark beer lovers, this one's for you.

Dog Beach DIPA 


The name comes from a little stretch of beach at the far end of Fort Monroe. Although it's proper name is "North Beach," over the years it became a popular spot for the locals to take their dogs. Thus it was affectionately dubbed "Dog Beach." Enthusiastically hopped with Mosaic & El Dorado, "Dog Beach DIPA" presents a firm but approachable bitterness. Finished in the fermenter with a lion's share of Mosaic lupulin powder using a technique from our new brewmaster, this beer got an aroma boost from prominent to intense.



Fort Monroe has beautiful trees in abundance, including a nearly-500 year old "Algernourne Oak" tree in the middle of the fort. With all these trees that have witnessed so much of our nation's history, it goes without saying they are things we want to protect. And who comes to mind more than Smokey the Bear when you think of protecting magnificent trees? This Polish wheat beer is a fun twist on our tree-protecting friend's name, smoky in scent and flavor, and accented with Bartlett & Bosc pears to give it a refreshingly juicy undertone. But we promise even with all the smoke in this low gravity session, Smokey himself would surely approve!



While we don't have any elaborate tale behind the name for this beer, it's certainly appropriate that something so cool & refreshing should be named after the water our brewery faces. Mill Creek provides every customer with a beautiful backdrop of scenery by which to enjoy their beer (as well as a lovely location to enjoy the sunset or fresh breeze). The malt in this beer brings us flavors of toasted bread & crackers, and it has a slightly herbal hop characteristic on the back end. It's an easy-drinking classic that is sure to quench your thirst!



She might come to you in a dreamlike fog, or you could catch a glimpse of her through an upstairs window at dusk. Repeated sightings of this mysterious "Lady In White" have made her a notorious presence on Fort Monroe. Accounts differ as to her origin—some say she's Jefferson Davis' wife, Varina, who stayed in nearby quarters throughout his imprisonment in the fort. Others claim she's a Civil War soldier's wife who was unfaithful while he was away and subsequently murdered by him upon his return. No one really knows. But this hazy, German-style Hefe with flavors of wheat, banana, and clove is so good it's sure to give you chills, just like the mysterious apparition haunting Fort Monroe to this day.

CHerry pie OX CART


Charlotte White was a former slave who became a successful entrepreneur by running a business from her ox cart on Fort Monroe. Each day she made the rounds among the fort's soldiers to sell her freshly-baked pies. We've reimagined out robust imperial porter for warm weather drinking, and its dark chocolate & caramel flavors with tart Balaton cherries perfectly balance out the sweetness. Extended aging and a blended yeast fermentation helped make this one of our smoothest imperials yet. This beer is everything you love about our regular Ox Cart with a fruity tangy twist, and will most certainly bring to mind Charlotte's famous desserts.  You'll quickly become a regular patron of this beer, just like the customers of her ox cart.