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Each of our beer names pay homage to the legends of Fort Monroe, although sometimes the lines between fact and fiction aren't quite so easily drawn. Consider us a new twist on history class. 

Check out the list below to see what we currently have on tap!

bottle releases on tap:



Warm weather is the time for fairs and festivals, and our love of the season inspired this nostalgic, off beat gose. Brewed with an amber grain bill, this beer not only got our typical gose additions of sea salt and our house bacteria culture but also brown sugar and McIntosh apple. The refreshing acidity and distinct apple flavor make drinking this pint like biting into a tart salted caramel apple at the fair. If we could have put it on a stick, we would have. Perfect for cider drinkers and sour beer lovers looking for something a little different, this gose promises to be a thirst quencher that will have you thinking about the good ole days.



Deep Meditation, our first fruited barrel aged sour, is our brewmaster's exercise in complexity and harmony. Various batches of our imperial saison were allowed to ferment and sour in our Virginia Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay barrels. We then blended 100 day old and 150 day old batches together on Valentine's day on top of sweet cherry, then fed the blend some actively fermenting saison to give it a wide variety of sugars. Aged on the cherry for over two months, this beer pours a beautiful crimson red with an aroma of peppery saison yeast, restrained barnyard funk from our Brett, and deep, jammy cherry. Dry and acidic, but with a pleasant bready malt character and subtle fruity sweetness, this beer is perfect for any time of year.

Cold Case


It's back! Our Cold Case Kolsch is a cold-fermented ale brewed in a small batch for quick consumption. Served keller-style, Cold Case is young and slightly hazy, but clean, crisp, and well attenuated. A mild ripe apple and pear aroma from a specific yeast strain blends with sweet graininess for a fresh smelling mix. Soft, clean malt flavors and approachable bitterness give way to a light minerally white wine finish. An overall easy drinker built on delicate balance, this is a rare by-the-book brew from our production team to keep us in touch with the classics and show off our technical skills. Enjoy!

purple parrott


A twist on one of our favorite releases from last summer, Purple Parrott is a boysenberry lemon wheat beer with a refreshing mix of fruit flavors and approachable ABV. Banana and clove character from our German Ale yeast mixes with a big addition of tart and earthy boysenberries over a backbone of grainy, husky wheat. With twice as much lemon peel as last summer, this beer has a bright enough finish to keep it crisp and sessionable. It's so pretty you almost won't want to drink it... but once you take a sip, that feeling won't last long.

Very Important Persons


For our newest fruited sour beer, we're back to our Berliner Weisse roots with this refreshing, low ABV wheat beer. Very Important Persons has a clean, sharp sourness with lemony notes from our house bacteria culture, and crisp carbonation to keep things light. A big blackberry addition lends a pleasing magenta color and a fruity nose that complements very light Brettanomyces funk. The sourdough breadiness and juicy acidity will have you coming back for another. And another.



We've had many passions over the last year at Oozlefinch, but hazy IPAs and sour beer have been the two things that have really redefined what we're doing. Benevolent Haze is the lovechild of those two passion projects: a hazy IPA, partially kettle soured with our house bacteria culture to create a tart and citrusy IPA with big hop character and low bitterness. To complement the acidity, we turned to a new trio of hops for complexity. Amarillo lends notes of grapefruit and honeydew, Comet provides a wild grassy character, and 007: The Golden Hop brings depth with orangey bergamot and black tea flavors and aromas. Tart, hazy, and beautifully complex, Benevolent Haze is our kindly contribution to the field of hazy IPAs out there.



* A collaboration beer with our friends from Ocelot Brewing Company in Sterling, VA *

We've been talking collab with our good friends at Ocelot ever since our new Brewmaster started last year, and with the early success of the Oozlefinch sour and funk game and the strength of Ocelot's IPA offerings, we couldn't resist getting together to make a 100% Brett IPA. Brewed here in Hampton Roads, fermented entirely with Brettanomyces, hopped with Loral, Denali, and a brand new hop called Enigma, and finished with Loral lupulin powder, Pretty Young Thing is not your typical "Brett beer." Restrained funk leaves room for tropical fruity esters, moderate clean bitterness, and a depth of complex aromas from the combination of these three power hops. You won't want to miss this marriage of flavors from NoVa and CoVa.



Back by popular demand, Ordinary Courage is our IPA offering to those of you who aren't on board the hazy train. A classic American IPA, Ordinary Courage highlights the flavors old school hopheads first fell in love with. Built on a tried and true foundation of Simcoe, Centennial, and Cascade hops, this pint hits you with citrus and resiny hop flavors over deep golden crisp malt. A healthy addition of oats keeps the mouthfeel smooth while a big injection of Simcoe lupulin powder right before packaging turns the aroma up to 11. No frills, just good hoppy beer.



Random Ricochet is our random tribute to old brewing traditions and forgotten styles. Dark mild used to be a staple of British pubs, but these days the style is increasingly rare in Britain, let alone America. We've recreated the style the way we imagine it was in the olden days: with fruity English yeast and a lot of dark malts, including some smoked malt as a nod to the practice of drying malted grains over a fire. This low gravity session beer is perfect for drinking plenty without having to sacrifice flavor and character. Here's to the beers of old!



We're leaning all in on the hazy game with this big fruit bomb of a DIPA. Hopped to high heaven with El Dorado, then finished with a combination of Jarrylo, Monroe, and Huell Melon, Huckster is a fruit salad in a glass. The aroma gives off intense orange peel and orange syrup, while the flavor showcases more delicate supporting fruits of strawberry, honeydew, raspberry, and papaya. It pours with a beautiful deep golden haze, and the yeast in suspension add a creamy mouthfeel that help this beer go down smooth despite the 8.9% ABV. Moderate bitterness and an off-dry finishing keep things refreshing so you can have more than one in a sitting, but be careful -- that Huckster might try to push itself on you!

Neglect of Duty


Lady in White's maltier cousin, Neglect of Duty, is a traditional German dunkelweizen brewed to Reinheitsgebot standards. We've tilted the yeast more towards spice than banana to complement the toasty bread notes. With a base of special floor-malted dark malt and over 50% wheat, this lightly hopped ale has enough malt flavor to get you through the winter without weighing you down. Supremely light at 4.7% ABV and highly carbonated to keep things refreshing, this is an ideal crowler candidate to take home and pour in your stein.



With a jet black pour, roasty and grainy aroma, and creamy mouthfeel, Oat Monster is a dark beer you can drink all day. We’ve turned once again to our favorite Irish family malt to lay a bready base for specialty dark malts and over 25% oats. A little water chemistry and delicate carbonation combine with that high protein content to give you a pint that is drinkable yet pleasantly filling at the same time. This is a stout for everyone.



* Winner of a gold medal from the 2016 VEER awards and a silver medal from the 2017 VEER awards *

An Oozlefinch favorite, Ox Cart is an imperial English-style porter that will get you through the coldest of nights. Malty-sweet with deep garnet highlights and visible legs from a warming 11.3% ABV, this year's release comes from a new and improved recipe and careful brewing and cellaring techniques. It was brewed over two days, quadruple-batch fed in the fermenter, and matured for two months to bring you a smooth texture with complex specialty malt notes and fruity esters. 



* Won a 2017 state-wide silver medal from the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild *

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