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Each of our beers pays homage to the legends of Fort Monroe, although sometimes the lines between fact and fiction aren't quite so easily drawn. Consider us a new twist on history class. 



This Army sergeant may have been an unconventional individual, but it's not hard to imagine he was everyone's favorite. Sergeant Patches was a fearless dog who the Fort Monroe troops would tether to a gun. When given a command, he would walk forward until the rope pulled the trigger and the gun fired. We couldn't think of a better way to honor such a noble soldier than by naming our most popular beer after him. This tropical, extensively dry-hopped American IPA's notes of fresh pineapple and grapefruit make it an easy beer for all to love.



In the murky waters of the moat surrounding the fort, a creature lies in wait of its next unsuspecting victim. Believed to be a relative of the great Loch Ness, the Moat Monster lurks silently as the sentinel of the water. Our light-bodied dry stout might take on the color of this hidden menace of the deep, but there's no reason to fear the taste of its slow-roasted character and hints of coffee and dark chocolate!


American Brown Ale

Young couples growing up on Fort Monroe would say they were "going to watch the submarines race" out in the Chesapeake Bay when they wanted to get away alone. They would sit in the casemate grass above the fort, enjoying the summer breeze, and watching the sun set over the water. This classic brown ale is a tribute to young love with its strong malt backbone, notes of spicy rye blended with caramel, and the slightly fruity nose of All-American hops.



She might come to you in a dreamlike fog, or you could catch a glimpse of her through an upstairs window at dusk. Repeated sightings of this mysterious "Lady In White" have made her a notorious presence on Fort Monroe. Accounts differ as to her origin—some say she's Jefferson Davis' wife, Varina, who stayed in nearby quarters throughout his imprisonment in the fort. Others claim she's a Civil War soldier's wife who was unfaithful while he was away and subsequently murdered by him upon his return. No one really knows. But this hazy, German-style Hef with flavors of wheat, banana, and clove is so good it's sure to give you chills, just like the mysterious apparition haunting Fort Monroe to this day.


Session IPA

Lawrence Murray was a sailor on the Monitor submarine during the Civil War. One day he went ashore on Fort Monroe, got drunk on whisky, and then tried to pick a fight with someone. He was restrained once, but somehow got his hands on an axe and went after another man. He became so unmanageable in his drunkenness that he had to be restrained in chains by his fellow sailors. He later attempted to escape from the boat in which he was imprisoned, but had the misfortune of drowning during the process. Not unlike Murray's infamous drunken temper, this beer explodes with flavors of pine and citrus. It will satisfy even the choosiest of IPA lovers with its aromatic and easy-drinking style—yet without running the risk of making you go mad!


Imperial Porter

Charlotte White was a former slave who became a successful entrepreneur by running a business from her ox cart on Fort Monroe. Each day she made the rounds among the fort's soldiers, selling her freshly-baked pies. Our robust imperial porter's caramel and dark chocolate flavors balance out its sweetness, bringing to mind Charlotte's famous desserts. And you'll quickly become a regular patron of this beer, just like the customers of her ox cart.



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This saison starts off with the aromas of anise and bubblegum and leads you to the flavor of apricot. German hops provide an earthy bitterness to its light body that finishes bright and crisp.