tall tales & rad brews

Each of our beers pays homage to the legends of Fort Monroe, although sometimes the lines between fact and fiction aren't quite so easily drawn. Consider us a new twist on history class. 

Check out the list below to see what we currently have on tap!

GOING ON TAP 11/21/17:



* Brewed in Collaboration with New Braunfels Brewing Company *

Just in time for Thanksgiving, this delicious pint is not your average brown ale. Our Brewmaster Mike Donovan teamed up with his old brewing buddy Nathan Rice at New Braunfels Brewing Company to bring you the perfect pairing for your Thanksgiving meal. On a base of barley -- barely -- Mike and Nathan built a grain bill of emmer wheat (a nearly 20,000 year old relic wild grain), triticale (a hybrid of wheat and rye originating in Scotland), and toasted buckwheat (a non-grass crop related to rhubarb). Triple-step mashed and fermented with English ale yeast to add just a touch of fruitiness, this 6.7% ABV brown ale has a creamy mouthfeel and distinct grainy notes that will stand up to stuffing, gravy, and even that pumpkin pie you can't resist. An alternative ale to bring a little non-traditional flavor to one of our favorite traditions -- Thanksgiving dinner! 

Bourbon Barrel RELEASE


We squirreled away 5 barrels of our Cherry Pie Ox Cart in local Ironclad Bourbon Barrels for over 5 months to bring you this seasonal special release. An initial whiff of bourbon and oak slowly subsides to dark bready malt and tart cherry aromas as this beer warms. Creamy carbonation rounds out the pleasant alcohol warmth, helping to open up your tastebuds to notes of black cherry, sweet toffee-like malt, and vanilla from the oak. A harmonious blend of over 10 oak barrels, this is one to sip and celebrate. 

Salty kiss


* Brewed in collaboration with Benchtop Brewing for the 4th Annual Brewer's Ball *

Our first gose, Salty Kiss pours a beautiful pink with a full haze from an active sour culture. We got together with our friends at Benchtop Brewing Company to bring you this beer to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF). Using Benchtop's expertise with salt, Oozlefinch's house sour culture, and a combined love of water chemistry and process, we soured this beer traditionally in the tank rather than boiling off the culture in the kettle. This beer is alive, and you can taste the difference. Conceived by Oozlefinch Assistant Brewer Ben Baumann, the recipe incorporates lemon sea salt, rose hips, and hibiscus petals to create a refreshing citrus note complemented by a combination of soft and tart floral flavors. A sprinkle of salt, low alcohol, and healthy carbonation keep this beer quenching. 

The rose hips - our most prominent ingredient in the recipe - are in honor of the CFF symbol, a rose. One of the ways children CF patients learn to say "Cystic Fibrosis" is by first learning to say "sixty-five roses."

We named the beer Salty Kiss to draw attention to one of the most readily identifiable symptoms of CF. People with CF have a high chloride content in their sweat, which means they have saltier skin than people without CF. As a result, when you kiss a person with CF you get a "salty kiss." The least invasive way to test for CF is a sweat test at a CF Foundation-accredited care center.



* Beer release for International Stout Day *

You may have survived the Zombie Cat, but don't relax now -- no rest for the weary, no rest for the beer-y! The cows are at large! This dark, boozy delight will sneak up on you with a base of our favorite stout malt from a family maltster in Ireland, rounded out with oats and dark roasted malts. Our biggest stout yet, Cows at Large is an Imperial Milk Chocolate Stout clocking in at 8.8% ABV. A noticeable alcohol warmth will cheer you in the cold days to come, while residual sweetness and dessert notes from cacao nibs and vanilla beans will keep you coming back for more. We're squirreling some of this batch away in our Ironclad Distillery Bourbon barrels, which means this is a small batch release. Don't miss out!



Portfire, a cranberry forward brew, marks the beginning of fall at Oozlefinch. We fed our house hefeweizen yeast a grain bill of over 50% wheat, including caramel and roasted varieties, to establish a base dunkelweizen with notes of clove and subtle banana. Then we added 30 pounds of sweet clover honey and over 750 pounds of cranberry to create a tart, fruity, spicy blend of fall flavors. The beer starts with an aroma of grainy wheat and German ale yeast, then transitions into spiced cranberry sauce as it warms up in the glass. Just like grandma's kitchen. Why wait for Thanksgiving? Fall is here, and Portfire is the seasonal beer you need to get yourself ready for the holidays.



We're back to our old hazy tricks with this new IPA treat for Halloween! Straight out of the pet cemetery above Fort Monroe's casemate, Zombie Cat will devour the part of your brain that has defined IPA. With a base of bready sweet British malt and high protein oats, the creamy mouthfeel is complemented by a new house-propagated yeast strain that adds peachy esters to a barrage of citrusy hops. We've pummeled this beer with Mosaic, Citra, and Cascade in the tank, all while keeping the bitterness soft and approachable. When the Zombie Cat comes for you don't be scared, just be thirsty.

rare Bird


With a 5am alarm set for brewdays, our brew team likes coffee almost as much as beer. We've partnered with Rare Bird Coffee, an artisanal roaster in Northern Virginia, to combine two of our favorite beverages into one tasty pint! Rare Bird custom roasted over 15 pounds of their Las Lomas for us -- a three varietal blend grown 5500 feet above sea level in the Aurelio Villatoro region of Guatemala with notes of nutmeg, brown sugar, and almond. Our Brewmaster ground the beans BY HAND to get the crush right, and then cold-brewed them overnight for blending into the tank just before packaging. The result is a clear, light golden pint that smells like coffee and tastes like beer, with a subtle roasty aftertaste and hints of nutty sweetness. A final touch of lactose keeps things creamy. Don't be fooled by the color -- we brewed a blonde ale base to let this beautiful coffee shine without having to compete with roasted malts. Beer for breakfast? Yes, please.

Tail-on Collision


All. About. Mosaic. This IPA is for old-school and new-school IPA lovers alike. Our lightest grain bill in an IPA yet, the emphasis on firm bitterness and hops over malt will make West Coast IPA lovers smile, while the focus on Mosaic hops will keep new-school hop lovers happy, too. This beer is 100% Mosaic. Mosaic in the boil, Mosaic in the whirlpool, dry hopped with Mosaic, infused with Mosaic lupulin powder. Did we mention it has Mosaic in it? This is also our first small batch IPA release, so enjoy it while it lasts!!

FLannel Thief


Hold on to your flannels! Oozlefinch's newest hazy IPA is here just in time to steal your fall attire. Flannel Thief pours a deep hazy golden color with a fluffy off-white head. A grain bill of over 40% spelt -- a 7000 year old wheat variety with sweet and nutty notes -- is our latest twist to the style and helps set the haze in a big way. Aromas of tropical fruit and lemons from Falconer's Flight give way to a lightly bitter bite of spicy Chinook hops and an aftertaste of watermelon from a huge addition of El Dorado at just the right time. We know you'll love this latest addition to our hazy IPA family... even if it is a dirty little thief.

UNFILTERED Sergeant Patches


The long awaited return of Sergeant Patches is here! We're bringing one of your Oozlefinch favorites back just in time for you to get a few more outside drinking days in, and this time ... it's unfiltered! Now you can have all of that hoppy, fruity goodness you love about Patches with nothing stripped away. More fruit than ever before and an increased dry hop addition make this new version a must try. With firm bitterness, juiciness from over 125 grapefruit and 240 pineapples, subtle malt sweetness, and refreshing carbonation, this batch will have you saluting the Sergeant and asking for your next pint all at once.



Our rebellion against the end of summer continues with this mixture of wheat beer, grapefruit juice, and fresh rosemary. Tart, husky wheat and a clean yeast provide the crisp base for over 50 gallons of unfiltered, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. This low ABV, juice-forward brew gets an enticing herbal nose and slight bitter finish from the rosemary -- just enough depth to keep you coming back for more. One of our favorite flavor combinations yet.



An Oozlefinch twist on a classic German style, Safehouse Berliner Weisse is a refreshingly sour wheat beer fermented with strawberry and mango. This sweet-tart combination of flavors is a perfect match for Al Capone's reputation, so we've given it a name to follow the theme of our "Snorky" sour beer. Capone was indisputably the most notorious American gangster of all time, but was also known to be extremely personable and loved by many. It's not hard to imagine he must have turned on the charm (and maybe some of the fear factor, too) to obtain a safe place to hide in Phoebus when he needed to get away. Standing as our most sour offering yet, this low ABV pint is designed for easy drinkability. Generous carbonation and clean lactic acidity from our developing house sour culture keep things light and spritzy, while over 2 pounds per gallon of fruit elevate things beyond a one-dimensional pucker. This style is traditionally served in Berlin with sweet fruit syrups you can mix into your glass. We've done the work for you so you can just sip and enjoy. Bold acidity, subtle fruitiness, absolute deliciousness.

Reckless Note


* An Oozle-versary beer release! *

Stout is back at Oozlefinch, and this pint contains one of the stories about Edgar Allan Poe who spent some of his soldiering time here on Fort Monroe. With the darkness of the brew resembling ink, we find it only fitting to name it for a hasty flourish of Poe's pen -- but not the kind that produced an infamous story or poem. This inky memo brought on a great deal of unnecessary debt. Poe was not particularly fond of his time in the army, and seemed to have tried many times to get out of his enlistment. When at last he wouldn't stay any longer, he impetuously arranged for a replacement soldier to take his place at the cost of 75 dollars instead of the going rate of 12. He paid what he could and the rest was written as a note of debt. Quite reckless indeed. A dizzying array of specialty malts combine their powers to produce this Irish Extra Stout. The aroma blends roasty coffee with dark chocolate up front, and subtle dark berry esters and floral English hops as the beer warms. A smooth, creamy mouthfeel leads into a finish of restrained bitterness that accentuates the roast, keeping the beer dry and drinkable. With complex flavors of coffee, chocolate, caramel, and dark bread, there's a little something for all you dark beer lovers out there. Be careful -- this one might just become your new favorite.



* Won a 2017 state-wide silver medal from the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild *

She might come to you in a dreamlike fog, or you could catch a glimpse of her through an upstairs window at dusk. Repeated sightings of this mysterious "Lady In White" have made her a notorious presence on Fort Monroe. Accounts differ as to her origin—some say she's Jefferson Davis' wife, Varina, who stayed in nearby quarters throughout his imprisonment in the fort. Others claim she's a Civil War soldier's wife who was unfaithful while he was away and subsequently murdered by him upon his return. No one really knows. But this award-winning hazy, German-style Hefe with flavors of wheat, banana, and clove is so good it's sure to give you chills, just like the mysterious apparition haunting Fort Monroe to this day.