Meet our People

Russel Tinsley, Founder/owner/operator

Originally hailing from east Tennessee, Russel joined the Navy in 2004 and was later stationed in Hampton Roads, Virginia, where he met his lovely future wife, Rebekah. He joined the Newport News Police Department in 2008 and spent the next seven years serving as a police officer as well as a Navy reservist.

An avid beer lover, Russel has been homebrewing for the last five years and now finally gets to live the dream of making and drinking beer as a profession. He stays busy teaching his toddler son Treyton the finer points of manhood, and his faithful dog Jake is never far from his side.  

Russel is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha and lifelong Cubs fan, always mixes his cake and ice cream together (weird—we know), and once nearly froze to death while hiking in Iceland.

Tony & Allison Carter, Owners

Well, the story goes that these two (from Peabody, Massachusetts, and Westwood, New Jersey, respectively) met at Boston University when Allison was a freshman and Tony was her teaching assistant. The attraction was mutual, and they’ve now been married for 31 years and have two adult children.

The Carters moved to Newport News in 1992 when Tony was stationed at Langley Air Force Base, and while at Langley he was deployed for Operation Restore Hope. Tony is an orthopaedic surgeon (now retired from the Air Force) and Allison is a special needs pediatric physical therapist.

In their free time, the Carters enjoy golfing, boating, hot yoga, rooting for all things Boston (Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, and Celtics), competing in mud runs/Spartan races, and vacationing in the Caribbean and Napa Valley. They were adopted by a deaf feral cat named Dexter and a cockatiel named CJ who literally flew into their window. 

Austin Shawinsky, Brewmaster

Born on the East Coast and raised by no coast, Austin's obsession with craft beer dates back to his college days at the University of Iowa where his homebrewing career began. Beer eventually brought him back to the East Coast, and he later graduated from The American Brewers Guild in Vermont. He's now bringing his own flavors and personality to all the beers we brew.

Austin is newly married to Julie, and he loves his dog Brewer (named after the best baseball team in the world) more than most people love their children. Rumor has it he rocked a fro in high school, but pics or it didn't happen. 

Benjamin Baumann, Cellarman

Ben is a former Infantry Marine who grew up in the bayous of southern Louisiana. He has the best beard at the Oozlefinch (all hail), and it serves as an inspiration for the rest of us. He has been known to cook a spectacular pan of roasted Brussels sprouts and admits to having an unhealthy obsession with all things LSU.

Treyton Tinsley (T.N.T.), Quality Assurance Specialist

Ladies' man, truck/train/puppy aficionado, aspiring talker, and life of the party. Has the best dance moves on staff. 

Jake, Brewdog

He might not be the brightest light in the harbor, but it's impossible not to love this gentle giant. Is highly motivated by treats and attention.  


People lover, mama's boy, perpetual shotgun rider, and the Milwaukee Brewers' biggest fan. Can't stay up past 9PM.